January 30, 2024

Run 25: The Consequences of My Actions


The run today did not go well. The injury behind my knee really started to act up as I pushed the pace faster than last time. My right calf and hamstring feel tight, so it is time to focus on stretching and ice / heat treatment so I can continue my training properly.


Well today was a shit show. I mentioned in my previous run report that I had felt some pain in the back of my knee. Well yesterday I felt it during the day, but spent a total of about an hour throughout the day stretching every part of my body. In the morning, I felt quite good and stretched some more as well. The beginning of the run went well, as today was 1 mile of warmup, followed by 4 miles of tempo, then a finishing slow mile.

The first mile went great, and I was feeling nice and confident, my body felt better, and I was excited to get a faster run in today after my slow 12 miles on Sunday. But once I started to increase the pace, the tendon behind my knee really started to bug me. I ended up stopping about 1.5 miles in, and worked on stretching that leg some more. I decided to stop the run at that point, and maintained the slow pace back which felt decent.

The knee does not hurt when I am walking or going at a slow pace at all. It is only when I begin to increase the pace do I start to feel it. But, I have noticed that my calf and hamstring on this side seem to be quite tight. So, getting through this is going to come down to stretching and ice / heat treatment. I think I will take my 6 mile run tomorrow off, and do a make-up run on Thursday.

Run Statistics

  • Total Duration: 28:34
  • Distance: 2.66 miles
  • Active Calories: 337 kcal
  • Total Calories: 394 kcal
  • BPM: 126
  • Pace: 10:45
  • Fastest Mile: N/A
  • Slowest Mile: N/A

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