February 3, 2024

Run 27: Feeling Like a Gazelle


This whole running thing is starting to get pretty enjoyable. After last week I was starting to dread the long runs. But now, my body and mind are feeling great. I still would not say I am excited for the long run tomorrow, but I am not dreading it. A step in the right direction.


If yesterday went super well, this was even better. I opted to skip clubbing on a Friday night in Paris (I know), and got up nice and early to stretch, take a cold shower, and get some work on my personal projects done. After a few glasses of water and a cup of coffee, I was ready to tackle my run for the day.

Improvising off my schedule, I wanted to run 6 miles at marathon pace. What exactly my marathon pace is I am not sure yet, but I wanted to run at a fast but comfortable for a longer-term pace. So, the 6 miles today felt fantastic. My breathing was slow and controlled, my pace felt fast but great. I did not get too tired or felt I was pushing myself too hard, all while hovering at around an 8:00/mile pace for the bulk of the run. Injuries were not a factor today either, which is another silver lining.

All and all, the stretching, water intake and decrease in alcohol has allowed me to sleep better, all of which fuel how I feel during my runs. Continuing my stretching routine later today, I am geared up to get back on track with my schedule for the 14 mile Sunday long run. And strangely enough, I think I am looking forward to it.

Run Statistics

  • Total Duration: 49:41
  • Distance: 6.00 miles
  • Active Calories: 784 kcal
  • Total Calories: 881 kcal
  • BPM: 155
  • Pace: 8:16
  • Fastest Mile: Mile 4 @ 7:45
  • Slowest Mile: Mile 1 @ 9:10

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